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In our home, there’s two dads. Well, I’m McKenna’s biological father, but she refers to my partner, John.e, as dad too. I happen to think we’re pretty cool dads and that she’s one very lucky girl!

I often feel that Father’s Day is less important than Mother’s Day when it comes to commercials, store displays, and the pomp and circumstance. Yes, there’s visits with dad and a present or two, but the celebrations for fathers fail in comparison to mothers.

42 Father's Day Recipes for Meat Loving Dads

That’s why I’m putting together this list of 42 Father’s Day Recipes for Meat Loving Dads. Don’t worry, Dear Reader, if you’re dad is a vegetarian, there’s a list of 42 Father’s Day Recipes for Vegetarian Dads too!

I decided to do two separate lists in two separate posts, because I think it might be rare that someone would want both lists. Unless, of course, you’re McKenna – she has me (the meat lover) and John.e (the vegetarian). These lists are for any of you out there lucky enough to have two awesome dads! Let’s get started!

42 Father's Day Recipes for Meat Loving Dads


Let’s start with the beef recipes. I was going to organize the galleries in order of my personal preference, but it was just too much work, so I’m doing it alphabetical instead! I must confess, I’m surprised at how many beef recipes I have posted at Lord Byron’s Kitchen. I’ve always believed that I preferred pork over beef, but numbers don’t lie – do they!? Anyway, either of these beef dishes will surely be loved by your beef-eating dad.


Take a look at the photographs below. Now, can you locate a chicken recipe that is void of sauce? Nope! That’s because I’m a major fan of sauce. These chicken dishes – even the chicken breast recipes – are super moist and delicious. And, trust me, Dear Reader, it will be difficult to refrain from licking the serving bowl clean – the sauces in this collection are worth it!


Pork – my personal favourite! I’ve said it before in one or two of my recipes that I would choose pork over the most expensive cut of beef any day, and it’s true! The cheapest cuts of pork – like the pork shoulder – is my favourite. Pork demands patience and it deserves it! Unless you’re cooking pork tenderloin, give your pork dishes the time it needs to cook perfectly. Oh, and that pork belly you see there – I ate the whole thing in one sitting and I’d totally do it again!


I don’t cook with sausage as much as I should. I really love sausage and I will try to post a few more of my favourite sausage recipes in the near future. I included the chorizo recipe in this section as well, because chorizo is a sausage, but not as traditional as regular Italian sausages. By the way, chorizo is my favourite type of sausage; you’ve got to try those chorizo and black bean chili bowls!!


Okay, so yes, chicken wings could have been placed under the chicken section, but I’m a chicken wing fanatic and I think they deserve their own section. This collection has a wing for every wing fan. There’s saucy wings, dry-baked wings, spicy wings, sweet wings, and even a basic salt and pepper wing. Break out the ranch and the blue cheese dressing, dads – it’s wing eating time!

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42 Father's Day Recipes for Meat Loving Dads

Alright, Dear Reader, we’ve come to the end of my 42 Father’s Day Recipes for Meat Loving Dads. What did you think? Were there enough meat options in this collection to encourage you to make a wonderful dinner for your meat loving dad? I think there’s something for all carnivore preferences, and I hope you do too!

If you loved this recipe, here are some others that might interest you as well:

Happy Father’s Day to you, Dear Reader, whether you’re a dad or not! And, a Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, stepdads, uncles, grandfathers, and so on. If you’re a positive father figure to any kid, you deserve to be celebrated today, and maybe a home-cooked meal too!

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42 Father's Day Recipes for Meat Loving Dads

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