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Welcome to Lord Byron’s Kitchen! I hope you decide to stick around and become one of my Dear Readers! Before you start exploring my recipes, let me tell you a bit about me and my blog.

Let’s see… I’m a 40-something year old man. I spend my days and life with my partner, John (John.e); my daughter, McKenna (Mickey); and our two cats, Jake and Maggie. I live and blog from our apartment in Toronto, but spend nearly ever weekend at our country home 4 hours Northeast of Toronto.

I love to cook and bake, and I love Christmas way more than anyone else I know! I love to crochet and just started to teach myself how to do cross stitch as well. And, I love to decorate! I’ve been known to completely change the look and feel of one room several times in the same year!

Lastly, when I’m not doing one of the previously mentioned things, or working on this blog, I work full time at a private school doing the same job I’ve been doing for the past 15 years.

I’ve always been fond of baking and cooking, but I didn’t get to do much of it until later in life. Growing up, my mom was the primary cook, and during my marriage, my now ex wife was the one who prepared meals almost daily.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself living with the love of my life, John.e. Everything in my life was perfect – or so I thought! You see, John.e is a vegetarian, and I have never been the type to prepare meals without some type of meat. It was a recipe for disaster.

Growing up in a primarily meat-eating household, the concept of cooking and dining without the presence of meat was completely foreign. But, in the spirit of full disclosure here, I wasn’t about to let him cook for the both of us! He has only three recipes in his repertoire – re-fried beans, frittata, and ratatouille.

What was I to do? All joking aside, it was a serious issue. I couldn’t expect him to change and eat meat after being a vegetarian for 25+ years. Sure, I could prepare pasta every night, but how long would it take for us to grow tired of that!? And I tried to adopt a vegetarian diet, but it lasted only 13 days. It was time to make a change.


Every home cook has a notebook of hand-scribbled recipes that they cherish and love to prepared with the hopes of impressing family and friends. In my new relationship with “the vegetarian,” I would have to work much harder to impress him with my culinary skills. I made it a goal to teach myself to cook all over again – this time, with vegetables!

The first step in overcoming this challenge was to accept the fact that it was easier for me to change and/or adapt my diet rather than to compromise his ethical dietary restrictions. After all, eating more veggies might actually be good for me! Who knew!?

I have learned to satisfy both palates without trading in the taste and the comfort of home-cooked meals. And, that is how this blog was born. I taught myself to cook vegetarian versions of classic comfort food. Other couples who were in the same situation would ask me for recipes. Rather than write them out by hand repeatedly, I decided to document them in a blog.

Back then this blog was called Pretty Practical Pantry. I used to blog not only about food, but about crocheting, weekend getaways, and refinishing furniture too. That was until I made the move to blog about food only and changed the name to Lord Byron’s Kitchen.

So, why Lord Byron’s Kitchen? Well, the kitchen part is obvious – it’s a blog about cooking. And the Byron part is obvious too, because that’s my name! The Lord part was suggested by John.e and to be honest, I was a little worried about it at first. I thought it sounded a little pretentious. But, I decided to go with it for two reasons. It was a nickname given to me by my high school English teacher, and I absolutely love anything to do with the historical Kings, Queens, Lords, and Ladies of Tudor Dynasty as well as the medieval and Victorian eras. I’m completely addicted to period piece drama!

When I made the change to Lord Byron’s Kitchen, I began to incorporate recipes with meat too. This blog is a great source of vegetarian mains and sides, and I still write recipes that are vegetarian, but in the effort to establish a well-rounded blog, I branched out and began posting my favourite chicken, pork, beef, and fish recipes too.

So, there you have it! That’s how Lord Byron’s Kitchen came to be – my love of food, coupled with my love for John.e – and the rest, as the saying goes, is history! I hope to see you back here regularly. I publish a new recipe three times each week. It’s best to subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything, or add my page to your list of favourites!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can leave recipe comments on the recipe page directly – just scroll almost all the way to the bottom. Or, you can navigate to my contact page to send me an email. Happy Eating!


Lord Byron

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  1. Being a private chef and often dealing with different diets, I can relate to what you are doing. I was a vegetarian for a year, still am 5 out of 7 days a week, and know flavour does not have to be compromised to eat healthy, vegetarian or otherwise.
    1. I'm pretty much the same, Cassie. I usually only eat meat when we go out. I very rarely cook meat of any kind at home. To be honest, my tastes have grown so much over the past two years. Before that, I wouldn't be caught dead cooking with onion, celery, eggplant, etc. Now, I'm excited to try new foods and recipes.
  2. Glad to meet you through your recent post in the Facebook group Just Dessert Recipes, Byron, because my younger daughter is home for the summer and, you guessed it, she is vegetarian. She made that decision about four years ago, making an exception only rarely for a good hamburger, so I am always on the lookout for tasty things that will satisfy the whole family. Cooking two meals just isn't worth it and, as you say, it's better for us all to be eating more vegetables anyway!
    1. Thanks for dropping by, Stacy. I hope you find lots of recipes and inspiration here to keep your whole family well fed - at least while your daughter is visiting. :)
  3. I too have been learning to cook in a different way and use vegetables much more in my cooking, the motivation is different but the ideas similar... And I love it, I do still cook meat at home although probably no more than 2 meals a week. It really has opened up my eyes to a whole new raft of meals that I would never of considered previously, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Loving your recipes, even the tofu one ;)
    1. It's amazing how great cooking vegetables can be once you open your mind to it. You'll need to try the tofu recipes. :)
      1. I am a recent convert to a few tofu recipes but as I have a 300ish mile round trip to buy tofu I won't be experimenting too much ;)
        1. Wow! I'll trade you any day. I'd do without tofu if I could live 300 miles from my downtown Toronto apartment. I'm such a country boy at heart. :)
  4. I found you by accident Byron, and I am so glad I did. I am Catholic and certain times of year we must abstain from meat. We still are allow to eat fish. I am always on the lookout for flavorful meatless meals to make about once a week and during our Lenten season.
    1. Hi Veronica! I'm glad you found me. :) I'm sure you will find many meatless recipes on my little blog to help you out during the Lenten season. Cheers!
  5. Oops! Thought I was still on this page: by way of Pinterest
  6. I had to look up your story because I noticed you have tons of vegetarian recipes with a few meat ones. This is exactly like my cooking too! I've been trying to be vegetarian for years, but I've been having health problems and my doctors have told me I need to get tons of extra protein. I try to at least always get the options with 'free-range', 'grass-fed', etc. Your site is perfect for me! Your recipes look soo good!
  7. Never found a cooking site where almost every recipe was totally pleasing to the eye and sounds absolutely delicious. I know of no one who cooks and picks them like you do. Excuse me for pinning so many delicious recipes, but you, in my opinion, are the king of Pinterest!!!
    1. Well, Cliff, you just made my day! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I will try my best to keep it up. :)
  8. This receipe is fantastic! I had put it on my meal plan for the week, but was having second thoughts about it even as I was shopping for the ingredients. I'm not a huge fan of cauliflower, but I love orange chicken. I decided to stick with the plan, though, and am so glad I did. The cauliflower was crispy delicious and the sauce was amazing. This is going to be a recipe we keep coming back to. This is my first time to visit your site and will definitely be trying other recipes.
  9. I very much enjoyed this site - partly because I knew your dad (Enos) while growing up, but also because you've done such a good job with it........ great content and done quite professionally. Very impressive and good to see such work from a fellow "Middle Armer". :-)
    1. Thank you, David. It all started as a creative outlet, but has turned into a full time "hobby." I'd love to let dad know that you "dropped by;" can I get a last name? Cheers!
  10. I'm so thrilled to find your site! I, too, have the omnivore's dilemma of having a spouse who went vegetarian a year and a half ago. It's been a challenge trying to adapt all of my quick go-to family meals to accommodate his needs, but I'm getting the hang of it. Our biggest hurdle right now is that sometimes, our boys and I just want a dang pot roast, and when I make a meal like that, my poor husband feels left out in the cold eating a starchy plate of mashed potatoes and green beans with little protein. I stumbled across your blog looking for a lentil recipe (onions area caramelizing right now...), but after poking around some more, I know this is going to be an excellent resource for our family! Hooray for more veggies, with an occasional steak thrown in ;)
    1. Glad to have you along for the ride, Becky! Initially, the blog was all about vegetarian dishes, but I started to add in meat recipes to the mix as well. It wasn't fair to me! Hahaha! Recently, my daughter has given up her vegetarian diet, so now I just battle with my partner about his diet. I have nothing against a vegetarian diet or otherwise, but it sure does make mealtimes a challenge when you have more than one diet to contend with.
  11. Byron, I don't remember exactly how I found you, but I am so glad that I did! I enjoy cooking, but my age and health make it very difficult. I have to be very selective about what I attempt to do, and some times all that I can do is to put that great looking or tasting recipe in my pile and hope for a good day. So, when I saw your recipe for "Orange Cranberry Tea Time Cookies," I just had to try them. The recipe sounded easy enough, and they looked delicious. I had all the ingredients except for the orange peel, so I ordered it from the Paradise store on Amazon. I only had to wait two days! I have had one other recipe that uses a Paradise product, the cherry-pineapple mix. The recipe I used was one that I came across in a Publix ad over a year ago. It was a "Cherry-Pineapple Cake" that called for a tube pan. It sounded a lot like my mother's fruit cake recipe that I remember from my childhood. It didn't really turn out to be a fruit cake like my Mom's, but it was pretty good. My experience with that cake gave me the courage to try your "Orange Cranberry Tea Time Cookies" yesterday. They turned out great, and tasted even better! Thank you for all that you do and share on line. My husband Jim liked them too, so they probably won't last long.
    1. Thank you so much! You really made my day with your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed the tea time cookies; they are one of my favourite afternoon snacks. And, I'm glad you found Paradise too. Their products are simply one of the best I've found. I'm so glad to have you along for the ride. And I hope to hear from you again. :)
  12. I found you by chance, and I'm really happy about it happening! I live in Argentina, the country of cows and the paradise of meat, but also a place where every time more people are trying to eat in a healthy and natural way. At home we don't want to be vegetarian, but we have almost left meat, and your site promises to be a delicious source of inspiration! Thank you, Byron, very much!
    1. Thank you, Clara! Welcome to LBK - I hope you find many dishes to inspire your meat-free meals. :)
  13. Found your website while hunting for recipes that use dried figs...and saw your dried fruit salad...don't have couscous but do have orzo, so will give it a go. Your recipes look wonderful and your site is well done! Thanks...will let you know how it turns out! Take Care!
  14. Love the blog! My husband, James, and I are trying to incorporate more veggies into our diet and have agreed to do m (mostly) vegetarian January and see where it goes from there. I'm a professional baker, originally from Newfoundland by now live in Richmond Hill. It would be great to connect and share stories, food and otherwise. James is a huge royal history fan. We just watched a special on the Tutor twelve days of Christmas. I cross stitch in my spare time, love Christmas and Halloween, as well as do some community theatre. My blog has fallen on the wayside as of late, but I'm going to be picking it up again this year. Thanks again for a great blog and I look forward to reading more. Glen
    1. Great to hear from you, Glen! It sounds like we both have very similar interests and passions. Richmond Hill is not too far away at all; it would be great to connect with a fellow Newfoundlander. :)
  15. Hi Byron, I am very grateful for the existence of your blog. For a long time I haven't felt great. I am learning a new way of living to battle my obesity and sedentary lifestyle. I've down a hole for a long time. Finding recipes and reading positive blogs has helped me out a lot. I've got a long road to being healthy. Your recipes for healthy cooking and perky happy commentary are very appreciated. Thank you for sharing. I especially am finding a no meat/dairy lifestyle a little hard. I am never satisfied with the typical SAD diet. When I eat real vegetables, real starches I am no longer over eating. I hear it is like turning a barge around. Slow changes will give success. Your easy to read and follow recipes are helping me stay with the changes I want to accomplish. Bless you and yours. Tam
    1. Thank you for sharing your story with me, Tam. I have battled with being overweight my whole life, so I can relate with where you're coming from. It's a continuous battle! If I might offer just one tidbit of advice, it would be to focus on your health and just feeling good. What other's think and how we look doesn't mean anything in the long run. I try to make better choices, but will indulge at least once a week. I wish you the best, Tam! Hugs.

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