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10 Picture Perfect Christmas Cake Recipes is a collection of cake recipes that will inspire you to make home style cakes all holiday season long!  No fancy decorating skills needed!

Cake was an every week occurrence in our family home when growing up.  My mom made a cake of some sort almost every weekend.  Cake was almost always served for dessert on Sundays.  But, Christmas time was even more special, because cakes were not just a weekly occurrence, but an everyday occurrence.

Most of the cakes in my 10 Picture Perfect Christmas Cake Recipes collection are based on the cakes my mom used to make every Christmas.  Some are exact replicas and others have been tweaked to suit my personal tastes.  As a result, there are traditional cakes and new tradition cakes all presented in a neat and tidy blog post here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen.

As I have said a million times before, it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, so let’s get started right away!

First up is a common Christmastime tradition is fruitcake, and there are so many varieties to choose from.  My version is free of alcohol and loaded with both candied and dried fruit, as well as walnuts.  Christmas Apricot and Walnut Fruitcake just might be your new favourite Christmas tradition!

Here’s a cake for kids of all ages!  Christmas Gumdrop Bundt Cake is moist and delicious and packed full of chewy candy – who wouldn’t love that?  I don’t remember a Christmas throughout my entire lifetime without a Gumdrop Cake!

This cake is a delightfully fresh-tasting, easy bake cake with stone fruit and a surprisingly palate-pleasing spiced flavour profile.  Easy Spiced Stone Fruit Cake is perfect anytime, but the flavours lend themselves really well to holiday baking.  Apricots are my favourite baked into this cake, but plums are so good too!

As I recall, I have not so fond memories of this one, but you’ll have to read the original post to find out why.  Apricot Raisin Cream Cheese Bundt Cake was not a tradition while growing up, but it sure is now.  We love this cake!

Dried fruits are perfect for holiday baking, and in this Date Walnut Loaf, dates are the star of the show.  I love dates in cakes, cookies, health bars, and even just as a quick snack.  This particular cake is basically a fruitcake without all of the extra ingredients.

If you like cherries, you’re going to love my Christmas Cherry Butter Bundt Cake – super moist, gorgeously simple, and the presentation is very Christmassy.  Impress your guests with this lovely cake this season and reap the rewards of praise.

I love mixed fruit!  Glace Mixed Fruit Bundt Cake is loaded with glace fruit and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you are not a fan of glace fruit, I encourage you to try this cake; it might just change your mind.  I did mine!

Christmastime isn’t right in our home without a Gingerbread Bundt Cake.  Moist and delicious, this cake doesn’t need a frosting or any fancy decorating.  It’s perfect just as it is with good company and a hot cup of tea.

Cakes are not always rounded and they’re not always sliced into triangular servings.  Sometimes, cakes are cut into squares.  Cherry Cake Squares with Buttercream Frosting are so easy to make and pretty too.  A Christmas treat that’s perfect for sharing, but so delicious, you’ll want to keep them all for yourself!

Cakes do not need frosting and fancy decorations to be pretty and presentable.  Clementine Upside Down Cake is very citrus-y, very easy to make, very rustic, and very gorgeous!  A great dessert option for a dinner party!

I hope my list of Christmas cakes here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen has inspired you to break out your loaf pan and your bundt pan and get to baking.  10 Picture Perfect Christmas Cake Recipes has a cake for every taste and every preference.  You might have to taste them all to determine which cake is best for you.  Such a tough task, but someone has to do it!  Merry Christmas!!

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