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22 Delicious Dips has a dip that suits everyone’s preferences and tastes.  There’s meat dips, seafood dips, vegetarian dips, creamy dips, chunky dips, smooth dips, etc.  They’re all here!

I’m a dipper.  I dip everything I can possibly dip – true story!  I’m the guy who dips burgers in ketchup even though there’s already ketchup on the burger to begin with; I dip the crust of my pizza into whatever sauce I can find (preferably a spicy ranch); and I dip bread into just about anything with a dip/sauce-like consistency.

And now that I’ve found each and every one of these recipes, I’ll have more and more dips to choose from!  I can’t think of a better way to gear up for National Chip Dip Day which is coming up in March.  (And, if you’re reading this post months away from or after March, who cares!?  Anytime is dip time!)  Let’s get started!


Homemade Ranch Dip from Dinner at the Zoo


Vegan Mexican Chili Cheese Dip from Veggies Don’t Bite


Cheddar Cheese Green Onion Dip from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Homemade Queso Dip from The Rising Spoon


Spinach and Artichoke Dip Without Mayo from The Rising Spoon


Dill Pickle Dip from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Cheesy Enchilada Dip from Platings and Pairings


Chipotle Ranch Taco Dip from Homemade in the Kitchen


Loaded Baked Potato Dip from Cook Craft Love


Pepper and Onion Relish from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Crab Jalapeno Popper Dip from Goodie Godmother


Avocado Hummus from Jennifer Meyering


Guacamole for Cilantro Haters from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Sweet Corn Relish from Krumpli


Baked Goat Cheese Dip in Marinara Sauce from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Garlic Parmesan White Bean Hummus from The Busy Baker


Trader Joe’s Copycat Cowboy Caviar from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Roasted Red Pepper Dip from Girl Gone Gourmet


Spicy Baked Cauliflower and Cheddar Pate from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Cheeseburger Dip from Sugar and Soul


Hot Four Cheese Roasted Red Pepper Dip from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Homemade Ranch Dip from Lord Byron’s Kitchen


Seriously, Dear Reader, there’s a dip in this post for everyone!  If you’re planning a quiet movie night at home, there’s a few recipes that will work perfectly for you.  But, the good news is that most of these recipes yield a large amount, which is perfect for hosting a game night or watching the big game!  Or, you know, a quiet night at home with a movie.  If nobody is there to judge you, you can make that bowl of dip as big as you want!

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Like what you see? Share it with your friends!

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  1. I want to eat every single dip in this round-up. I could live off of them -- too bad they're not all like zero calories! ha! :) Thanks for including my jalapeno ranch dip.. its definitely a fav!
  2. What a great collection, dips are the one area of food where I tend to be pretty lazy but seeing this makes me think I should make more of an effort.Thanks for the inclusion :)
  3. Love dips! So many good looking recipes to try for upcoming get-togethers (or pajama nights in, whatever). Thanks for including me!

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