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Whew! There you have it, Dear Reader! For the past 24 weekdays, I’ve published a new Christmas cookie recipe. This concludes the second volume of Lord Byron’s 24 Cookies of Christmas!

Lord Byron's 24 Cookies of Christmas - Volume 2

Just like I did last year, I’m compiling all of those recipes into this one post so that you can easily scroll through and see all of the cookies. All you have to do is click on the picture of the cookie you like and a new window will open up. Don’t worry; you won’t lose your spot on this page!

I hope you’ve had just has much fun reading these cookie recipes as I have had creating them. After doing this series for the second year in a row, I think it might become an annual tradition. What do you think? Should I start compiling a list for next year?

If you are new to Lord Byron’s Kitchen, you can see the first series here: Lord Byron’s 24 Cookies of Christmas – Volume 1. And, you should also take a look at my 12 Bundt Cakes of Christmas series too!

Let’s take a look at the cookies in Volume 2. Below are images of the cookies in the order that they were published. Remember, just click on the image to be taken to the recipe post. A new window will open and you will not lose your spot on this page. Enjoy!

Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s going to need Rudolph’s Red Nose to guide his sleigh! Welcome to the 24 Cookies of Christmas countdown!

Shortbread is a classic, but adding peanut butter to your shortbread cookie recipe is a great way to add a little holiday flair!

Light and fluffy, soft and moist, Pistachio Pudding Cookies are a cookie-lover’s dream; and they’re green too so they’re perfect for the holidays!

Prepared with classic Christmas ingredients, Ginger Molasses Cookies flood the senses with thoughts and memories of home.

Much like Buddy, these Elf Poop Cookies are peppermint flavoured and packed with sprinkles, chocolate, and of course, sugar!

Chocolate that has been spiced with the heat of chilies is a popular confection, which makes these Spiced Chocolate Shortbread Buttons a must have!

There’s no skill needed to make these gorgeous Holiday Piped Rosette Cookies; they’re very impressive, but they’re also very easy!

These Christmas Tree Ornament Cookies are adorably cute as a decoration on a tree, but even better packaged for friends and neighbours!

Mint Chocolate M&M Cookies are meant for the serious mint and chocolate lover. Loaded with mint m&ms, and packed with cocoa, these cookies are super moist and chewy!

These festive cookies are a great way to pack the flavour and texture of a Christmas fruitcake into a beautiful holiday cookie!

Traditional Hungarian Kolaches are cookies made with cream cheese dough and filled with apricot jam; they are very common at Christmastime.

Ricotta cheese is baked into these Almond Ricotta Cookies, which will help keep the cookies soft and fresh for all of your holiday visitors!

Pepernoten are Dutch cookies which are traditionally baked and eaten during Sinterklaas festivities. Pepernoten literally translates to pepper nuts!

Bursting with every Christmas flavour you can possibly crave, German Spice Cookies are not overly sweet, but quite aromatic and warm.

A perfect treat for anyone at anytime; Stamped Shortbread Cookies are buttery and delightfully bright and vibrant to match the holiday season!

When it comes to baking with the purpose of gift giving, a Christmas Chocolate Spritz Cookie is the best way to go, especially if they have sprinkles!

Sugared Gumdrop Cookies are butter cookies which have been generously tossed in sanding sugar with a festive gumdrop baked right into the center!

Hot Chocolate Cookies are slightly crispy on the outside, with a moist and dense chocolaty center; complete with mini marshmallow bits!

This recipe upgrades classic chocolate chip cookies with Christmas-themed mini eggs – festive, delicious, and addictive too!

Who doesn’t love cheerful and festive Christmas cookies with lots of sprinkles? Made with cream cheese, these taste as great as they look!

So simple, so easy, and so delicious! Christmas Crunch Cookies are perfect for sharing and a great option for holiday cookie exchange parties!

No baking, no melting, and just one mixing bowl! Mom’s Christmas Jello Balls are one of the easiest cookies you’ll make this holiday season!

Friends and neighbours would love a package of homemade Christmas Peppermint Rosettes; these make a lovely take-home goodie bag too!

A nostalgic Newfoundland Christmastime confection, Marshmallow Coconut Balls are a no-bake cookie that will quickly become your new holiday favourite!

There you go, Dear Reader! I’m going to be taking a few days to enjoy the holidays with John.e and McKenna at our new house. We’re packing up the car, driving out to the country with our two cats and doing nothing but watching movies, playing cards and board games, and eating – lots and lots of eating!

I’ll be back on January 1st with my Top 10 Recipes of 2019 post and of course, somewhere in there I’ll post my Annual Christmas Post as well. I’m looking forward to getting back to publishing recipes that are not cakes and/or cookies for a while!

I would like to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones the most wonderfully happy and joyful Christmas, and a most prosperous New Year! XOXO

Lord Byron's 24 Cookies of Christmas - Volume 2
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