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Ok… I’m a lover of crocheting, and I love to crochet afghans and blankets, but unless you have a longing to develop arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or some other ailment, give yourself time to put this particular blanket together.  🙂

This blanket is awesome… really!  It’s so heavy and warm, and the only downside was the amount of time it took to finish.  I worked feverishly on this blanket for almost four months.  Like I said a moment ago, unless you want to develop medical issues with your fingers and hands, give yourself more time.  🙂


The pattern is rather simple.  I started with a chain of 180 stitches.  You can adjust the length of the chain depending on how large you’d like your blanket to be.  I then double crocheted into each chain stitch to form a solid crocheted line.  Change the yarn colour, and double crochet again all along the existing line.  You can vary your pattern like I did.  I decided to use the same colour of yarn over one, two, or three rows.  This created a break in the monotony of the pattern.  Also, once I had used all of the colours I had on hand, I ended the scarf-like section and started a new section by crocheting a 180 stitch chain again.  Be careful to end and begin each section with the same colour so that you can single crochet the sections together when you are ready to assemble.


When I was happy with the size of the blanket, I single crocheted all the way around, and then double crocheted all the way around again to form a solid border.


By far, the biggest crochet undertaking that I’ve ever done!  I’ve had requests from friends to make one for them, but I have too many other ideas in my head to commit to recreating the same vertical stripes blanket again.  🙂


Like what you see? Share it with your friends!

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