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I bet you thought vegetarians couldn’t bask in the deliciousness that is Vegetarian Sausage and Peppers, right?  Well, they most certainly can!


Vegetarian sausage is readily available in almost any market and they actually taste really good!  The only thing missing from vegetarian sausage that one can find in a regular meat-filled sausage, is the grease.  Now, I know grease is an important factor to sausages, and there’s nothing quite like the smell of pork sausages being fried in a skillet, but if you can get past the lack of animal fat in a vegetarian sausage (oh, and no casing!) then you’ve got yourself a great tasting meat substitute.


There are many brands of vegetarian sausage, and we’ve tried quite a few, but my personal favourite is the Tofurkey brand.  This is by no means a plug for that brand, I’m just letting you know that it’s the one that works best for us as a family.  If you have a brand you prefer, go ahead and use that!

The Italian flavour, which is what I used for this recipe, consists of tofu, vital wheat gluten, canola oil, water, soy sauce, soy flour, sundried tomatoes, basil, granulated garlic, sea salt, and spices.  Nothing foreign or strange there!


When you fry them up with peppers, as in this recipe, you’ve got a series of meals just waiting to be put together.  So, I would suggest doubling the recipe and putting a portion of it or two aside for later.  Try tossing the mixture with some cooked pasta, or piling it high on a warm crusty bun with shredded cheese.  Or, you could always ladle it over mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower. 

You decide; and if you want to eat it straight from the pan as is, no one will be any the wiser.  😉


Vegetarian Sausage and Peppers
Serves 4
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Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
45 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
45 min
161 calories
15 g
9 g
10 g
4 g
2 g
216 g
418 g
6 g
0 g
7 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 161
Calories from Fat 92
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 10g
Saturated Fat 2g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 6g
Cholesterol 9mg
Sodium 418mg
Total Carbohydrates 15g
Dietary Fiber 3g
Sugars 6g
Protein 4g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. 2 tablespoons olive oil
  2. 1 package vegetarian sausage, sliced 3/4 inch thick (4 links)
  3. 1 green pepper, thinly sliced
  4. 1 red pepper, thinly sliced
  5. 1 yellow pepper, thinly sliced
  6. 2 medium onions, thinly sliced
  7. 2 garlic cloves, minced
  8. 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  9. 1 large can diced tomatoes
  10. ½ teaspoon salt
  11. ½ teaspoon dried oregano
  12. ½ teaspoon dried basil
  13. ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  14. ¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
  1. Add the olive oil to a large skillet and bring it to a medium heat. Add the sliced vegetarian sausage, cut side down and sauté for 3-4 minutes on each side, just to brown the "meat."
  2. Remove the sausage from the skillet and set aside.
  3. Do not drain the oil. Add the onions and sauté for 5 minutes until they are wilted and slightly browned.
  4. Add the peppers and sauté all together for 5 minutes.
  5. Add the garlic, tomato paste, canned tomatoes, salt, oregano, basil, black pepper, and red pepper flakes; stir into the peppers and onions. Cook together for 5 minutes.
  6. Add the sausage back into the pan and stir to combine all ingredients.
  7. Once the sausage is heated through, the dish is ready to serve.
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  1. It is so nice to have so many meat alternative recipes. I will definitely try this one for sure! But I'll still need my french baguette and lots of butter. :)
  2. As a vegetarian, I love coming across new recipes... especially ones that mimic the foods I miss from my meat eating days! Kyla

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