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I found the inspiration for this blanket over at For the Love of Crochet Along.  Since I started crocheting, I was able to experiment with various stitching styles.  It was extremely easy to become familiar with the single crochet stitch, the double crochet stitch, and other basics, so this blanket was actually an experiment using all of the different stitch techniques I could think of.  In fact, there were many that I just thought of on my own as I went along.  The purpose was to create a very varied patterned blanket using only four colours of yarn.


This blanket was used as footer on our bed during the winter months.  I wanted a blanket that looked very unique, yet, used only the colours in our master bedroom.  Since our bedroom colours are primarily yellow and grey, I wanted that to be the focus, but I purposely threw in the cream and black to break up the pattern.

No doubt you have all heard of the For Dummies book series.  Well, there’s a great resource that you can use online for free.  Click here: Crochet Stitches.  This resource is phenomenal.  I have used it often to learn different stitching techniques.  Once you’ve learned three or four basic stitches, you are able to put together a blanket like this.  Be creative and inventive!  I cannot tell you how many times I started a line just to take it all out and start again.


Please note, you will find that the ends of the blanket can become rather uneven, but don’t worry, that will clean itself up when you crochet a border all the way around.


Start by crocheting a chain stitch.  To reach across the length of a queen sized bed, you will need at least 200 stitches in your chain, using a 5mm hook.  Turn the stitch, chain three, and double crochet into each stitch along the chain, and close with a slip stitch at the end.  Turn the stitch, join in a different colour, and crochet across the row.  Continue to build on your blanket in this manner until you have reached the desired length.  Try to use at least six different stitch styles.  You can repeat them in a pattern if you wish, or just randomly select a stitch style to make a more visually appealing blanket.  Once you have crocheted the last stitch, start the border.

You have options with the border too.  You can make a straight border by single crocheting into each stitch (be sure to double whatever stitch you are using in the corners to create a rounded edge in your blanket) or you can crochet a shell stitch.  Sometimes, I will make five double crochets in the same chain all the way around the blanket to create a wavy edge.  The choice is yours.  Crocheting an entire blanket can be daunting, but with the freedom to explore different options, this one makes the task more enjoyable.

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    1. Thanks, Katalina. Crocheting is quite therapeutic. I'm looking forward to cooler weather so I can get started back again. Crocheting in the summer is very unpleasant. :)

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