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After I really started to get the hang of crocheting, and realized how much yarn I was using up, I started to look for sales.  Michael’s Crafts ALWAYS has sales on yarn, sometimes up to fifty percent off!  You can sign up via email for sale notifications.  You can also do an internet search for yarn tents.  Yarn tents are awesome – like the name implies, there’s usually a huge white tent fastened to the ground just outside of an actual craft store, or in some remote industrial park.  (Sounds scary, but they have some great finds!)  The yarn used in this afghan came from a tent sale – sort of.


You see, by the time I found out about the sale, it was over.  The tent was still standing outside the store, but the items had moved back inside.  Luckily though, the sale prices were still in effect.


Inside, I found one wall of yarn that was full of multi-coloured yarn.  I’m not sure if there’s a specific name for this type of yarn, but it’s the yarn that fades from one colour to the next as you craft along.  Being proud of my new crochet skills, I decided to buy a skein of each colour and use it to crochet a flower pattern.  Alas, though, I could not master the flower pattern and decided to use up the yarn in a different fashion.



These are basically large granny squares that I’ve crocheted together using a single crochet stitch and sewing in the ends.  It’s a bright afghan, and light enough to not overheat you when your snuggled under it, but heavy enough to keep you warm and cozy.  🙂



Like what you see? Share it with your friends!

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