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The one thing I have learned about crocheting is that there’s a lot of left over yarn.  Whenever I plan a new project, I try to figure out how much yarn I will need to complete it before running off to stock up.  And it’s occurred to me that no matter how much I plan, I either buy way too much yarn or not enough.  Why can’t it ever be just the right amount?

The very first project that I made was the Sunburst Granny Blanket.  I was sure that I had the right amount of yarn to complete the project, but I had to go back to the craft store two more times to finish it!  Then, of course, as luck would have it, I had too much and, as a result, had lots of leftover pieces.


Eager to get started on the next project, I put the leftover yarn away and moved on.  After completing several blankets though, I realized that I needed to do something to get rid of the extra yarn that was piling up.  This blanket was the result of that.

I started to take inventory of what I had and what colours would work well together.  I had several skeins of the cream colour, so I decided to use that to separate each of the colours.  Since most of the colours I had previously worked with were quite bright, I knew the cream colour with lessen the intensity of the finished product.  Next, I began to sort the yarn by volume.  Obviously, the inner rounds of the blanket will take much less yarn than the larger rounds, so I put the leftover balls of yarn in order from smallest to largest and started to crochet in that colour order.


This blanket requires very little in terms of crochet know-how.  I started with a basic granny square and kept building on it until I felt it was large enough.

Wooly Wonders Crochet does a fantastic video on how to make this blanket.  This is where I got the inspiration for this one.  It’s a YouTube video, so it’s easy to follow along with and you can stop, backtrack, and play again with ease.


This particular blanket is now owned and loved by my coworkers’ daughter.  That reminds me; she asked for a pink and white version of this!  I’d better get to it!

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