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We are fortunate enough to live in a great neighbourhood where it’s easy to stumble upon some very interesting finds.  There’s a great mix of people that live in this neighbourhood – where home-owners, apartment dwellers, and small businesses alike, call the neighbourhood home.  One such place is Oasis, which has now relocated.  Oasis was a community-based shop which collected donations and sold them for profit.  The profit was then used to run a series of homes for victims of addictions.  An old Victorian-looking house two doors down from our building was where Oasis used to sit.  I loved to go there and look around; there was always something new.


One day, John.e and I were walking home from a Saturday stroll along the Danforth, when we stopped in to see what was new.  John.e saw a pile of old pictures and paintings and remembered a Pinterest project we wanted to recreate.  We bought the old pictures, and the rest of our Saturday afternoon had been mapped out.


John.e removed all of the pictures and paintings and examined the frames.  Sitting on our balcony, he removed any nails or hooks, and sanded them down a little to rough them up.  When he was finished, I painted each one with a base coat of white paint.  Next, I applied a second coat of paint in various shades of ivory.  (The lattice patterned frame and the smaller oval shaped frame were purchased as is from Target.  We did not paint those; however, I did paint them later when we decided to change our accent colours in our living room from turquoise to red.)


After the paint was fully dry, we took them out to the balcony and using sandpaper and a putty knife, we roughed up the edges and tried to establish a damaged, antique look.  To be completely honest, there were a few frames that John.e purposely banged on the metal balcony walls to give them more of a beaten/tattered look.


The following morning, with tools in hand, John.e hung the frames in a random pattern while I supervised.  😉  The picture at the bottom shows how it looks now.  We have since relocated the frames to a different wall in our living room/dining room area.  You will also note that the two blue frames have been painted with red paint to match the new accent colour.




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  1. Adorable! I love picture frame wall art! These wall arts are beautiful and they fill a house with positive energy. I’m always looking for cool new ideas for wall art. I am totally inspired with your work. Thank you for sharing this.

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