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Just what I needed – a day to celebrate cheese!  But, January 20th is the day to indulge in your favourite cheese dish.  And, if you don’t have a favourite, I’m sure we can rectify that right here in this post!

In our home, cheese is always a constant staple.  In fact, we buy at least two varieties of cheese every single week.  I love to cook with cheese or just eat it by itself!  There’s just nothing that compares to a slice of old cheddar cheese coupled with a granny smith apple, or a gooey cheese dip with nachos, or a baked pasta dish loaded with cheese and topped with even more cheese!

John.e actually placed a gift card to my favourite cheese shop in my Christmas stocking this year – how die hard is that?  If you live in the Toronto area, you must visit the Cheese Emporium & Fine Foods!  The store has such a welcoming atmosphere, with lots to choose from.  And, trust me, they will offer you all kinds of samples!

For this post, I’ve asked some of my fellow food bloggers to help me celebrate cheese by allowing me to share with you their favourite cheese recipes.  Take a look at what they’ve submitted to be shared – what a fine bunch of foodies!

All of my favourites are in this post – cheddar, parmesan, camembert, goat, brie, etc.  Be sure to click on the links to get the recipe!  Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day!!

First up, we have Meaghan’s (Cook. Craft. Love.) Creamy Mac and Cheese  – doesn’t it look sinfully divine!?  Most of the ingredients are already a part of your pantry, and if not, they are very inexpensive.  The perfect Mac & Cheese dish can be on your dinner table in 30 minutes!  How’s that for a winning weeknight dinner!?

Cook Craft Love - Creamy Mac & Cheese

Next, we have Mary’s (Goodie Godmother) Baked Brie with Fresh Cranberries – it just screams holidays, but I venture this can be enjoyed any time you please!  I’m digging how she cut the top rind off of the brie wheel before baking; that makes it all the more gooier and easy to scoop up.  I’m guessing if cranberry isn’t your flavour of choice, any compote will do!

Goodie Godmother - Baked Brie with Cranberries

Whitney’s (Whitbit’s Indian Kitchen) Pistachios, Goat Cheese and Honey Infused with Rose Water appetizer, has me craving a chick flick, pajamas, and a night at home.  The world of goat cheese is relatively new to me, so I’ve got lots of exploring to do with this ingredient.  In the meantime, you enjoy making this easy appetizer while I plot my attack on the cheese wall at my local grocery store!

WhitBit's Indian - Goat Cheese Pistacio Appetizer

Now, here comes Jennifer (Jennifer Meyering) with her Cheese Stuffed Biscuits – I’m not sure what’s cuter, the biscuits themselves or the fact that her daughter polished off the batch!  I seriously have visions of these biscuits at night.  They haunt my dreams and make every pasta dish look empty and void without a big platter of them in close reach.  These are officially on my foodie bucket list.  What!?  You don’t have a foodie bucket list???

Jennifer Meyering - Cheese Stuffed Biscuits

If ever there were someone who could make me crave cheese, it would be Brian (Krumpli) and his Deep Fried Camembert – seriously, shut the front door!  Can you just imagine how the crunch of that cous-cous coating pairs with the creaminess of the camembert?  Add in the sweetness and acidity of the glazed pears and we are in foodie heaven!  Someone get my fat day yoga pants!

Krumpli - Deep Fried Camembert

Paige (Latin Meets Lagniappe) is up next with her Cheddar Garlic Cheese Grits!  If you’ve never tried grits before, then you have not really lived.  I tried them a few years back at a breakfast buffet in Florida.  Well, the southern belle inside me was awakened!  I’ve made them many times since then and always added lots of cheese – why?  Because EVERYTHING, even grits, is better with cheese!

Where Latin Meets Lagniappe - Skinny Baked Garlic Cheese Grits

For all of you spice lovers, I’ve not forgotten about you!  For you, I have Whitney’s (That Square Plate) Green Chili Wontons – how freakin’ perfect are these!?  I love how she cools down the chilies and the jalapenos with the avocado dipping sauce.  I’m a sucker for anything in a wonton or egg roll wrapper, and these are perfect for National Cheese Lover’s Day with an entire pound of Monterey Jack cheese!

That Square Plate - Green Chili Wontons

Hillary (Hill Reeves) is going international to bring us this Kashkaval Grilled Cheese recipe.  After all, what would a National Cheese Day round up be without a grilled cheese sandwich?  Hillary adds salami and sautéed arugala to her grilled cheese to round out the rich flavour of her favourite cheese.  I’m envious of her local food markets – I’ve got to get me an invitation to her house for lunch!

Hill Reeves - Kashkaval Grilled Cheese

The very beautiful and talented Diane at Homemade Food Junkie, posted this Apple Pie Cheesecake to her blog last year.  I knew I had to have it as a part of this cheese round up!  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and showcases the fact that cheese is not only for sauces and pasta dishes!

Homemade Food Junkie - Apple Pie Cheesecake

Next, I have for you a Baked Four Cheese Gnocchi with Broccoli from Renee who blogs at Joy in Every Season.  Renee is so passionate about family and food and it shows in her recipes and her posts.  This gnocchi recipe is loaded with four types of cheese – the perfect dish to celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day!

Joy in Every Season - Baked Four Cheese Gnocchi with Broccoli

I’ve been in love with Rosemary’s blog since I first found it six months ago.  She’s a true Italian who loves to cook homemade familiar and comforting food.  I always envy her family members when I imagine them sitting down to feast on the dishes she sets before them.  Like this Grilled Zucchini Pizza, for instance; I bet you I could eat the whole thing!  You can find out all about Rosemary at An Italian in my Kitchen!

An Italian in my Kitchen - Grilled Zucchini Pizza

If bread is your thing – and why wouldn’t it be? – let me introduce you to Karen’s Kitchen Stories.  Karen is the queen of bread!  And, since time began, (well, almost!) bread and cheese have always been a staple at most every table.  Karen has the ability to create masterpieces out of flour and yeast.  Feast your eyes on this Crusty Cheese and Onion Bread!

Karen's Kitchen Stories - Crusty Cheese and Onion Bread

Lastly, Dear Reader, I thought I would give you one of my own personal recipes, which happens to be cheese-filled, of course!  Previously posted to my blog, this Four Cheese Mushroom Toast is still one of my favourite things to make.  It’s easy and tasty and cheap.  What else could someone ask for?

Pretty Practical Pantry - Four Cheese Mushroom Toasts

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this little collection of cheese-inspired dishes.  Please visit each of the recipes listed above and while you’re there, take a look at some of their other recipes as well.  You will not be disappointed; there’s something for everyone!

Happy National Cheese Day, Cheese Lover!


National Cheese Lovers' Day 2016


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  1. What a great collection of recipes, thanks for adding mine too 🙂

    Just before we left the UK we went for an evening meal at a fancy schmancy Cheese shop that had turned into a small ‘restaurant’ for one night only… We had a 7 course cheese based meal and it was the finest food I had ever eaten. Only problem was after the meal we then went on to spend a further 100gbp (around 150USD) on cheese 😮 Thank god I left the UK I may have ended up bankrupt 😉

    1. That sounds like fun! But, that’s a load of cash to drop on cheese all at once. But, I’m sure it was worth every penny!

  2. I’m obsessed with cheese too, I have way too much in my fridge because I seem to buy it everytime I go grocery shopping too! Thanks for sharing all of these yummy cheesy recipes, and thanks for including my won-tons… they’re one of my favorites!!

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