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I love this cabinet almost as much as I love… well, anything!  I love it so much that it literally takes me 4 hours to clean it.  In fact, sometimes, I take everything out just so that I can reorganize it and place it all back inside in a different fashion.  What can I say?  It keeps me entertained and the cabinet looks all brand new again.  It’s the perfect home for our collection of serving dishes, platters, pitchers, and jugs.  And since both john.e and I like the country farmhouse look, this cabinet helped us make our city apartment very country chic!

IMG_20150703_155843 (2)

Even though this cabinet is a home for this dishes you see in the pictures, it’s the highlight of our dining room during Christmastime.  (If you want to see pictures of it with Christmas dishes and décor, click here.)  The top allows us to showcase some of our favourite pieces, while the bottom is large enough to store the pieces we don’t use every day.  As you can see in the pictures, the top half of this cabinet displays our white collection and a small portion of our red dish collection quite well.  What you can’t see is what’s in the bottom, but I’m about to reveal the secrets that lay behind those doors.  Behind the door on the right, you’ll find all of our Christmas plates, glasses, mugs, etc.  The two middle doors open together and hold all of our napkins, tablecloths, and larger serving platters.  We also keep balcony/picnic dinnerware in there; these are only ever used when we eat on our balcony or take food to the park.  The door on the left is where I keep all of my dishes, towels, and odd pieces of kitchenware which are used in my recipe posts.  So, you see, this cabinet is very well used!  The very top of the cabinet has a flat surface and is great for storing large pitchers and our kerosene oil lamp.  Oh, and it wouldn’t be complete without the cream-coloured pip berries. 😉


When we first got this cabinet, I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of it.  In fact, it was quite the challenge getting it in and out of the elevator.  Thank goodness the top part separates easily from the bottom!  We knew this cabinet that it was going to need a lot of attention.  There was no way I was going to leave it looking the way it was!  The first thing I had john.e do was to get rid of the hideous decorative part at the top.  I didn’t like that at all.  It might have been by far the most arduous step in refinishing the entire cabinet.  It took a good three or four hours to get that piece off.  If I remember correctly, it was glued on and had about 1000 little nails holding it in place.


Once that part was removed, we were on our way to the good stuff.  Like the other pieces we have refinished, this too took a lot of elbow grease.  We sanded every crook and corner by hand.  (We have since purchased a handheld sander; thank you, Baby Jesus!) We dusted and vacuumed the entire unit and started to work on applying the two coats of paint.  Once the paint was dry, I used sandpaper, a steel-combed brush, and a putty knife to get into all of the carved out areas and turn the cabinet into a stunning piece of furniture.  This was, and is, the largest piece we have ever refinished and I can’t wait to do another one.  First, though, we have an old writing desk and a bookcase that needs a little love.


I call this cabinet my baby because it’s mine.  John.e is allowed to look at it from a safe distance.  He can even make suggestions on where to place certain items when I decide to reorganize.  Other than that, the cabinet is pretty much off limits.  (What??  He has his office!)


Here’s proof that I did most of the work.  😉


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    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jenn. I love it too - it's one of my favourite pieces we've done so far. Today, we are working on a little side table. Can't wait to get it all finished! If you have an old hutch, go for it; paint it! It brings it back to life and looks like a million bucks once it's all set up.
  1. It is wonderful - a dream item! You did a superb job! And are most fortunate to have such a lovely piece of furniture to display your marvelous dish collection!

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