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The day the man himself has been dreading for months has finally arrived and passed.  And, lo and behold, he survived!  I’m still 39 years old, so I won’t pretend to know how much he hated the day approaching, but being about 4 months away from being 40 years old myself, I can sympathize with him greatly.


There’s nothing bad about getting older, I think it’s the aging part that most people fear.  With age comes the aches and pains and those things can get in the way of life.  However, I’m sure that John.e, the poster child for all that is good, will not suffer too badly in his 50s, after all, he’s done nothing but treat his body like a temple for many, many years.


Remember, Dear Reader, he’s a vegetarian, a non-smoker, a non-drinker (not even a casual drink!), has never tried any drug, takes vitamins daily, refuses to consume aspartame or any artificial sweetener, and craves raw vegetables (especially broccoli).  Yes, craves, I say!  Now, I’m not a doctor so I can’t say if all of those things contribute to good health or not, but I’m sure they certainly help in some way – even if just a little bit.  Me?  Well, according to the things I just listed about John.e, I’m a total heathen (with the exception of drugs; ew!)


John.e loves to socialize and he places a lot of emphasis on his friends and family, even though he doesn’t get to spend time with either of them often enough.  So, the party, for him, was a must!  We compiled a list of people we both like (What!?  It was his birthday, but I was planning it!) and the rest was in my hands.

Over the course of six weeks or so leading up to the big day, I had discussed with him what some of his ideas were.  Did he have a theme in mind?  Did he have any preferences for location?  Or for food?  Or decorations?  Etc.  He told me that he liked a Star Trek Wars theme or Lego, and that he wanted a Raspberry Truffle Cake from Dufflets.

I got him the cake.


The theme was simple – 50th themed decorations, silver and blue balloons, homemade Moose Munch and Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies as treat bags for the guests, and 50th Chocolate Lollipops handmade by our friend, Margaret.


With the exception of a few people who were unable to show and were missed, I do believe a fun time was had by all.  The appetizers were delicious and plentiful – so much so that not even half of the guests ordered food.  The cake was not cut on site (John.e brought it all home with him), instead the guests were served cupcakes from Dufflets as well.




If you’re reading this, guest(s), thank you so much for coming and making his special day even more special.  He had a marvelous time!

Next up?  60???  😉







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  1. I'm late coming to this party (the blog only) but the party was an awesome experience, especially chatting with friends. The only down side - that delicious cake came home and I was the only one who ate any of it...lasted a week it did! Thank you Byron, for putting so much effort into it. I hope I can somehow give you an equally great 40th.
    1. My 40th should not EVER be mentioned! But, I'll prepare a list of possible presents to make things easier for you. :)

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