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If you haven’t done so already, please read my Sunburst Granny Blanket post.  That specific post will give you a little background into my crochet adventure.  🙂

When I completed my first blanket, I soon realized that I needed to have some matching pillow shams to go along with it.  That’s normal, right?  Using the same pattern as I did for the blanket, I was able to crochet together the blocks into the size I wanted for the pillows I was going to be using.  I really didn’t want to make four shams, so I decided to make them reversible.  That way, I could turn them around and use them with a different set of bedding.


Since the spare bedroom in our apartment is blue and grey in colour, I wanted to pick up on the blue colours in the sunburst granny blanket and make those blues the highlight of the pillow shams.  The reverse side, I decided to use a basic cream colour so that it could easily be paired with other colours and/or blankets.


You can find the link to how to make granny squares  in the Sunburst Granny Blanket post.  It’s very straight forward and Jenny at The Writing Tree explains it very easily.  Even though her post does not detail how to make pillow shams, it’s very easy once you’ve mastered the basic granny square.  I crocheted 15 granny squares, which is perfect for a standard queen-sized pillow.  You’ll obviously need to crochet two sets and then single crochet the squares together.  Once you have both sides, crochet entirely around each side using the shell stitch.  I did this twice around each side.  You might want to change up the colours so that you can see a noticeable border once completed.  Once you have two rounds crocheted, begin to stitch them together.  With the back of both sides facing each other, and starting in one corner, single crochet  into each hole, being sure to grab both layers of the “sheets.”  Once you have single crocheted all the way around three sides, insert the pillow like you would into a regular pillow case.  Continue to single crochet until the forth side is closed.  Cut the yarn and sew in any loose ends using a darning needle.


And there you have it!  Reversible granny square pillow shams!  Head over here to read about my other craft items: Pretty Practical Crochet



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