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This past Saturday, one of my favourite Saturday morning hotspots re-opened.

I’m a farmers’ market junkie and I love to visit a market whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Living in Toronto, a local farmers’ market is not that easy to come by, and if’ you’re lucky enough to find one that you like, chances are, it will be quite small and expensive!  Toronto does boast large markets, such as the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market (, the Junction Farmers’ Market (, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market (, and of course, the very popular St. Lawrence Market (  The list goes on and on, however, the Withrow Farmers’ Market offers a completely outdoor market with a small, cozy feel to it.  Chances are, you’ll run into many of your neighbours there!

The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market, open every Saturday from 9am – 1pm, is located at Withrow Park; just southwest of Danforth and Pape in Toronto, and a short walk from Pape Subway Station.  The market promotes Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables, and is home to just a handful of local vendors.  Even though there’s never more than 20 or so vendors, the locals gather in high numbers and visit each and every vendor table to see what goodness they have brought with them to the park.

Please be warned, this market is small, and I’m sure the sales does not do much to support the livelihood of the vendors, however, the freshness of the product is remarkable.  You will pay higher than supermarket prices for items, but by doing so, you will be supporting our local agricultural industry and the small town, family farmer.

You’ll find heirloom carrots, and speciality beets; there’s fresh-baked goods, preserves and honey, and local ice-cream makers; there’s also tea-growers, a bike repair tent, and fresh fish and meat.  Bring cash; their’s no ATM onsite!

I feel that I’m somewhat spoiled in terms of what makes a good farmers’ market and what doesn’t.  I lived practically next door to a wonderful farmers’ market for many years before moving to Toronto.  Ontario’s best farmers’ market is, no doubt, the St. Jacob’s Market.  It’s huge, with both indoor and outdoor vendors, as well as antique shops, outlet stores, and even horse rides.  Authentically, it’s one of the best simply because a large portion of the vendors are native to St. Jacob’s and are of Mennonite decent.  Yet, most Saturday mornings, you can find me and john.e taking an early morning walk with our reusable bags to Withrow Park.

Check this link for more information:

See you there!

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  1. You surprise me about not having good Farmer’s Markets in Toronto – hopefully with the support of the local and more demand this will change over time. There’s something quite special about meeting the people who grew your dinner.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      You make a very interesting point. My love for Withrow Market caused me to undersell the market options in Toronto. I would never want to imply that the city of Toronto is short of anything! There’s many, many markets in Toronto, but Withrow works best for me which is why I decided to showcase it. I’ve updated the post with a few links for you, just in case you ever visit the city during market season. Cheers!

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