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Dating a vegetarian was a challenge. Living with one was a recipe for disaster. Or, at least I thought!

Growing up in a primarily meat-eating household, the concept of cooking and dining without the presence of meat was completely foreign to me. That was, until I met John.e  Being that he has been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and considering that I love to cook (with meat), the challenge was evident from the get-go.


Every home cook has a repertoire of recipes that they cherish and love to pull out to impress their family and friends with occasionally, but in my new relationship with “the vegetarian,” I would have to work much harder to impress him with my culinary skills. I made it a goal to teach myself to cook all over again – this time, with vegetables!

The first step in overcoming this challenge was to accept the fact that it was easier for me, the meat eater, to change my diet rather than to compromise the dietary decisions of “the vegetarian.” After all, eating more veggies might actually be good for me! Who knew!?

It is worth noting that I am not a vegetarian, nor will I ever be. I love meat; it’s that simple. I’ve simply learned to satisfy both palates without trading the tastes and the comforts of home-cooked meals.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and my new found love of vegetarian food with other couples and/or families who need to prepare one dish which will indulge everyone.

But, be not dismayed, fellow non-vegetarian!  There will be a recipe with pork, beef, chicken, or fish thrown in somewhere along the way; just look for the non-vegetarian section!

Happy Eating!


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  1. Being a private chef and often dealing with different diets, I can relate to what you are doing. I was a vegetarian for a year, still am 5 out of 7 days a week, and know flavour does not have to be compromised to eat healthy, vegetarian or otherwise.
    1. I'm pretty much the same, Cassie. I usually only eat meat when we go out. I very rarely cook meat of any kind at home. To be honest, my tastes have grown so much over the past two years. Before that, I wouldn't be caught dead cooking with onion, celery, eggplant, etc. Now, I'm excited to try new foods and recipes.
  2. Glad to meet you through your recent post in the Facebook group Just Dessert Recipes, Byron, because my younger daughter is home for the summer and, you guessed it, she is vegetarian. She made that decision about four years ago, making an exception only rarely for a good hamburger, so I am always on the lookout for tasty things that will satisfy the whole family. Cooking two meals just isn't worth it and, as you say, it's better for us all to be eating more vegetables anyway!
    1. Thanks for dropping by, Stacy. I hope you find lots of recipes and inspiration here to keep your whole family well fed - at least while your daughter is visiting. :)
  3. I too have been learning to cook in a different way and use vegetables much more in my cooking, the motivation is different but the ideas similar... And I love it, I do still cook meat at home although probably no more than 2 meals a week. It really has opened up my eyes to a whole new raft of meals that I would never of considered previously, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Loving your recipes, even the tofu one ;)
    1. It's amazing how great cooking vegetables can be once you open your mind to it. You'll need to try the tofu recipes. :)
      1. I am a recent convert to a few tofu recipes but as I have a 300ish mile round trip to buy tofu I won't be experimenting too much ;)
        1. Wow! I'll trade you any day. I'd do without tofu if I could live 300 miles from my downtown Toronto apartment. I'm such a country boy at heart. :)
  4. I found you by accident Byron, and I am so glad I did. I am Catholic and certain times of year we must abstain from meat. We still are allow to eat fish. I am always on the lookout for flavorful meatless meals to make about once a week and during our Lenten season.
    1. Hi Veronica! I'm glad you found me. :) I'm sure you will find many meatless recipes on my little blog to help you out during the Lenten season. Cheers!
  5. Oops! Thought I was still on this page: by way of Pinterest
  6. I had to look up your story because I noticed you have tons of vegetarian recipes with a few meat ones. This is exactly like my cooking too! I've been trying to be vegetarian for years, but I've been having health problems and my doctors have told me I need to get tons of extra protein. I try to at least always get the options with 'free-range', 'grass-fed', etc. Your site is perfect for me! Your recipes look soo good!
  7. Never found a cooking site where almost every recipe was totally pleasing to the eye and sounds absolutely delicious. I know of no one who cooks and picks them like you do. Excuse me for pinning so many delicious recipes, but you, in my opinion, are the king of Pinterest!!!
    1. Well, Cliff, you just made my day! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I will try my best to keep it up. :)
  8. This receipe is fantastic! I had put it on my meal plan for the week, but was having second thoughts about it even as I was shopping for the ingredients. I'm not a huge fan of cauliflower, but I love orange chicken. I decided to stick with the plan, though, and am so glad I did. The cauliflower was crispy delicious and the sauce was amazing. This is going to be a recipe we keep coming back to. This is my first time to visit your site and will definitely be trying other recipes.

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